Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Voting is now open!

Don't forget to vote for your favorite submissions. Voting is open to everyone, is anonymous and private. Please scroll down to the post below. Then click on the word "vote" next to the star below the thumbnail of your selection. You're allowed 3 votes. Once you've voted the stars and option to vote will not be visible. Don't worry, your vote has gone through, just privately.
Voting will close on Thursday at 12 noon EST. The voting FINDINGS {CONCLUSIONS} will be announced on Friday at 11am EST and our new challenge will begin at 12 noon EST.

Thank you for participating!


  1. Just cast my votes! Thanks again for the fun challenge! I just want to say...not only are you ALL so talented...but so friendly, too!! So many entries for you to peek in on...the sweet visits/comments by you all were really appreciated...THANKS!!!

  2. Just voted! So many beautiful cards, it was hard to pick just three! Can't wait for the next challenge :)

  3. This was almost impossible!!! Such an amazing group of bright and cheerful cards I loved them all!

  4. Fabulous turn out! So hard to vote for only 3!

  5. I'm not getting the "vote" indicator on my thumbnails. I visited way more than three and left comments, so that can't be it. I'm not sure why it's not showing up on mine, since it's working for others. HELP!! (I refreshed and still no vote like I get on MUSE. Thanks.)